To run for public office is a profoundly hopeful thing. Hopeful for a lot of reasons. It’s a public declaration of a private belief that the character of our life together shapes us as individuals in small and large ways. It’s a public declaration of a private belief that you and I can help shape our corporate life. That together we can lift our community to higher planes of fairness or generosity, justice or opportunity.

To run for public office is a hopeful thing. And I think we’re gathered this evening because Christine’s candidacy gives us hope for our state. We know that her many, many gifts equip her for this challenge. We know that her life experience has brought her to this place at this time for this particular, important work. We know that for Christine, public service is a calling. It is in her bones.

We trust her instincts. We trust her intellect. We trust her commitments.

In short, with Christine in the North Carolina Senate, we can exhale. We can lift our sights to worthy goals, and imagine a better life for all North Carolinians, not just for some.

Christine, this is a brave and hopeful thing that you are doing. Thank you.

Please join me in celebrating Christine Kushner - our next Senator for District 18.

Judy Pidcock, Parish Associate, FPC

I am proud to endorse the strongest advocate for children and public schools I know. Christine Kushner will take her knowledge, skills, and passion to the State Senate and we will all be better served. Join me in supporting a leader who cares and who acts on behalf of the best interests of our community.

John I. Wilson, Former Executive Director of NCAE and NEA

I am proud of my friend and colleague Christine Kushner for stepping up to run for State Senate. She has the heart, experience and knowledge to be an effective and compassionate advocate for vulnerable children, women and families throughout North Carolina.

Monika Johnson Hostler, past chair, Wake County Board of Education, and Executive Director, NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Christine has been a strong supporter of all Wake County Schools. She is intelligent as well as personable. She will bring needed leadership to the NC Senate.

Frank Eagles, Mayor, Town of Rolesville, 2007 to Present

I know it takes more than bricks and mortar to build strong communities. It takes strong public schools, and Christine will continue to be an advocate for public education and issues that affect children and youth when she goes to the NC Senate.

Smedes York, Chair, York Properties; former Mayor, City of Raleigh

Christine Kushner is a former colleague of mine from the Office of Rural Health and is one of the most thoughtful, well-informed, wise people I know. We would be fortunate to have her as a policy-maker in our State Senate.

Julie Alexander, FNP

The State of North Carolina will be well served by having Christine Kushner in the NC Senate. She has been a steadfast advocate for public schools in a stressful and difficult environment. I have known her for decades and have full confidence in her judgment to make tough decisions for our State’s future.

Wade Hargrove, attorney, Raleigh

Christine Kushner has been a force for change in our schools. I am proud to support her run for State Senate, where she will continue to advocate for our schools!

Alice Nalon Moore, Public School Parent

Christine understands the needs of growing towns in our region. She will listen to municipal leaders and community members about their concerns and needs, and I know she will be a responsive and active State Senator.

Satish Garimella, Morrisville Town Council

There are many advocates for public education, but Christine Kushner is a true champion.

Greg Ford, Wake County Commissioner